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Providing digital expertise for Celltrion, Asia’s largest pharmaceutical company.

DiaTrust COVID-19 is a rapid antigen at-home testing kit manufactured by Celltrion, one of Asia's largest biopharmaceutical companies.

Our mandate was to establish a robust design system that embodies the brand values of “vitalization” and “safety.” This involved comprehensive user testing, crafting a distinctive brand identity, developing a cohesive visual language, and creating meticulous prototypes. Our goal was to craft an immersive user experience that simplifies complexity and seamlessly guides users through the purchase journey.

Today, DiaTrust stands as one of the top-selling COVID-19 home testing kits, garnering acclaim with over 9,000 reviews on Amazon. The samples provided showcase pivotal aspects of our innovative approach.

*The samples below highlight some key aspects of our work. For a complete case study, please contact me.

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