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Revolutionizing E-learning for GoStudent

GoStudent is a global edtech platform revolutionizing the tutoring market by addressing the knowledge gaps of young students. With a vision to help students reach their full potential, GoStudent aims to replace traditional tutoring with innovative online teaching methods.

I joined GoStudent in its early stages, tasked with creating the mobile application from the ground up. My responsibilities included conducting user research, designing user flows, and creating wireframes, as well as developing low-fi and hi-fi interfaces and prototypes. Additionally, I established the UI design library to ensure consistency and quality across the platform.

*The samples below highlight some of the key aspects of my work. For a full case study, please contact me.

Design System

The design system was created to express a contemporary yet friendly aesthetic — Lightweight typography paired with equally weighted iconography and buttons designed to work as effectively in the menu environment.

Onboarding Experience

A simplified visual onboarding process was proposed in order to quickly educate customers about the value of this experience.

Main Dashboard

The Main Dashboard was designed to be as non-intrusive as possible — putting the focus primarily on the main functionalities and reducing complexity as much as possible.

Start your request

Upon choosing the subject and putting your question into the chatbox, the chat-based tutoring feature is one of the primary services to help students of all ages who either need help with learning or want to reach their full potential with our support.

In additional, a gamificational aspect was added to the tutors profile based on their performances to help make this experience more personalized and humanified.

A personalized 1:1 tutoring session

The 2nd primary feature that GoStudent offers is a 1:1 tutoring session. All tutors at GoStudent are committed students and teachers who are experts in their respective subjects. Before tutors can offer online classes, they have to pass a thorough quality check.

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