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An AR-enabled mobile app to build your dream kitchen.

As the No. 1 selling brand of major appliances in America, Samsung is at the forefront of innovation, creating a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of intelligent products that enhance convenience and facilitate connected in-home experiences.

To further this vision, we developed a comprehensive mobile application designed to revolutionize the digital path to purchase experience, allowing users to effortlessly build their "dream" kitchen. This application features an easy-to-use configurator that highlights the dimensions, textures, functionalities, and the interconnected ecosystem of Samsung appliances. By providing detailed visualizations and information, the app helps users navigate the complexities of appliance selection and stand out in the crowded market.

Our goal was to simplify the decision-making process, reduce the complexity of choices, and enable users to find the perfect appliances for their homes, thereby transforming their kitchen planning experience.

*The samples below highlight some of the key aspects of my work. For a full case study, please contact me.

Identifying the Problem

Appliance shopping can be a lengthy, complicated and confusing process.

Shoppers are confronted by a sea of sameness in stores – and a growing plethora of POP materials calling out messages, promotions, and invitations to open doors and play with knobs and dials.

Their online search can include anything from social, you tube,,; but convenience has also resulted in a logjam of information that does not necessarily offer a clear path to purchase, and has created its own work for the shopper.
Shoppers find themselves increasingly having to reconcile and make sense of an increasingly diverse set of information (online & in-store).

Our Approach

We evaluated and crafted a shopper-centric approach that aims to deliver Samsung's HA message in a meaningful way, whoever the shopper is, and wherever they are on their purchase journey.The following slide outlines our approach and methodology for executing each element of the project scopeTask Flow 04Built around what matters to you
Providing the user with different feature packages that maximizes the usecase of the products

Competitive | Market Review

Our Goal was to understand and compare the primary and secondary messages used for competitor brands, by product and by retailer. Our analysis will identify best-in-class messaging strategies from product headlines, to visual elements, to pricing and key benefits.

- Retailer Site Traffice Performance
- Google Search Performance & Analysis
- Retail Site Performance Analysis

Path to Purchase Analysis

Our goal was to combine customer insights and weak points along the customer journey to develop a plan for shoring up messaging along the customer journey

- Target Customer, Survey Research
- Research Synthesis & Path to Purchase Build
- Path to Purchase Opportunity Map

Digital Connectivity

Creating connected experiences will be key to meet the needs of all shoppers, especially Millennial homebuyers. Physical and digital boundaries are blurring - millennials expect their "tech" to always be in reach, and to be seamlessly integrated across devices and other physical products.

Design System

To evoke the desired sense of elegance a refreshed UI was created. The existing logo and typeface were retained and paired with a fully redesigned suite of UI elements inspired by the product's colors and materials.  — delivering a sense of ‘modern luxury’ through this updated look and feel.

The Product

Upon launch a visual onboarding process was proposed in order to quickly educate customers in how to make the most of this experience.

What size fits you best

Based on our user research we found out that size/dimension is a primary factor when it comes to decision makings. Therefore we prioritized sizing in the user journey.

AR-enabled feature

An AR feature was introduced to let customers experience virtual Samsung products in physical spaces. Primary objectives were to have users engage with Samsung products, give them a realistic sense of dimensions, positions and sizings and finally able to visualize their space with the new product.

The ability to save a space was also incoorporated to maximize their experience.

Types, Models and Details

After dealing with Specs and dimensions, the next step would be going to the details of the product. Especially different product types within that category. E.g a 4-door French Door within Refrigerator.

It was extremely important that the users were always aware of their decision and providing them with correct information was mandatory. Thus, we created informational content within the steps to properly educate the users and guide them towards the journey.

Final Step

Step 4 was the next step to add options/feature packages to their selected products. Built around what matters to you. Same as the previous action, we created explanatory and informational content to feed our users with the right knowledge.


Last steps of the journey. Choosing your final selection. Delivery & Installation. Reviewing your final result one more time. And adding it to your cart to compete the purchase.

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