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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Launchpad

Being the Lead on Samsung Galaxy's mobile launches from 2018-2022, we helped the brand through a complete overhaul of the user experience journey.

The challenge always begins with deep user/content auditing. Followed up by creating UX/BX strategies that represents the latest and greatest product identity.

Ultimately, we created a digital experience where everything comes together. Content hierarchy, UX/UI best practices, interactive experiences, product design, 3-D modeling and publishing and localization distribution to over 80 different countries.

Samples below only showcasing some highlights of the work. For full case study please contact me.

In Page Navigation for better streamlining CXP

We recommended strategically designing the UX of this page to enable data capture, to optimize the journey and to better understand and retarget individuals.

The new Cover Screen as the core brand element

Using the "Flex Window"(aka the new cover screen) as the branded element, we've established a signature identity tailored to the uniqueness of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Showcasing the key CXP at the top to easy access for the user

Based on user research, we know that more than 50% drop out of the page (e.g past Galaxy product pages) after a few scrolls. Thus, we placed the key CXP that leverages conversion rate at the top to fully expose the user with the latest and greates specs of the new product features.

Maximing on the benefit of the new Cover Screen

Description coming soon


Description coming soon


Description coming soon

The Process

An end-to-end journey from Home to Buy Page. We created a journey with 2 big missions in mind.
01. Creating a frictionless experience that will boost user engagment.
02. As a result of that all paths lead to the purchase funnel to drive sales.

Contextualizing the Journey

By designing an Experience Map, we contextualize the journey and break into 4 key categories. Strategy, Design, Content Execution and Implementation.

KPI based Page Optimizations

Based on past launch performances and Key Performance Indicators, we implemented user experience strategies that reduces complexity, move users quicker down the funnel, while still absorbing the latest and greatest features of the product.

Localization distribution to over 80 different countries

Ultimately, we created a playbook as our experience needed to be localized and distributed to over 80 different countries. The style guide was to intended to ensure global consistency.

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